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Which Sales Pop campaign types should I use for my store?

Best applications for different types of Proofo campaigns

Sales pop supports many types of notification campaigns. If you are wondering about what campaigns are most suitable for your shops. This article is for you.

Here we make some applications/ case studies on how to utilize your Proofo Campaigns.

1. Recent Activities Notifications

  1. Sign up notice


  • Purpose: Show who has just registered your shop accounts.

  • Suggested stores: selling information products (learning courses, training programs, webinars and so on)

  1. Add-to-cart notice


  • Purpose: Show who has just added a specific item to their cart.

  • Suitable for stores: New stores that have a few or no sales records. (Alternative for Purchase Notice type)

  1. Purchase notice


  • Purpose: Show who has just purchased a certain item in your store.

  • Best for: Every store that has frequent sales records. (This is the most powerful social proof)

2. Information Notifications


  • Purpose: Inform any kind of store’s updates, news, promotion programs. (example: free shipping, holiday off notice, return policy, etc.)

  • Recommend for stores: Any stores

3. Reviews Notifications


  • Purpose: Showcase reviews of your products/shop collected from other channels like Google Place, Facebook, Yotpo, Loox, and more.

  • Suitable for: Any stores have reviews on other channels.

4. Custom Notifications


  • Purpose: Show any kind of information/notifications that you want to customize the content by your way.

  • Best suited for: Every store depending on your notice purposes.