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How to create new code pool?

Discount Code Generator saves your time and effort in creating your own discount codes in bulk. There are two ways supported:

  • Create random codes by pattern
  • Import specific codes manually

We will guide you details below:

Create code pool

At Discount Code Pool, click Create pool, then show Code Pool Information page to create new code pool.



  • Title: Here enter a title for the code pool
  • Discount: Select the discount that has been created at your store
  • If there is no discount you want to assign to new code pool, you can create a new discount by clicking Create new discount.
  • Check Generate random codes to create discount code according to random
  • Qty: Enter the number of codes you want to create here
  • Pattern: Here admin can customize the format for the code. For example: [4AN] means that the code will consist of 4 alphanumeric characters. (AB23, A123, ABC4, etc.)


  • If choose Import specified codes will display the box so the admin can fill out the code as he wants. Each code must be separated by a line. Can enter an unlimited number of codes.