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Getting Started

For most people, the last and foremost key to a successful business is revenue growth. It seems to be a general truth but hard to be done. Among millions of competitors, how do you convince clients to buy products on your e-store? It’s not too late to take action if you still cannot be on the right track.

With AVADA Boost Sales, over 14 solutions to maximize profits in your business are included. Are you ready to discover this supper time and effort-saving app?

Why is AVADA Trust Badges, Sales Pop‑up a must-have tool?

  • Eliminate customers’ hesitation and encourage them to complete their checkout process.
  • Enhance the conversion rate higher instantly.
  • Build a reputation for trustworthiness and gain customer loyalty.
  • Improve client support service and make them more satisfied than expected.
  • Shopping is more exciting and convenient with some quick tips.
  • Say bye to content thefts on your site.
  • Keep clients updated on time with current promotion campaigns on your store.

What powder can AVADA Boosts Sales bring to your eCommerce store?

  • Customize and display notification pop ups of successful orders or different activities from other purchasers on pages to foster customer confidence in your brand.
  • Leverage the countdown effect to create a sense of urgency.
  • Showcase your brand credibility by numerous badge templates (checkout and custom badges). Besides, you can upload any badges you want and add the content.
  • Deliver fast and professional customer service with the Live Chat functionality for Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • Turn normal page titles into attractive messages with the animation effect to win back lost clients.
  • Consumers can conveniently select products and check out anytime with the sticky add-to-cart bar on product pages.
  • Ensure the intellectual property and copyright on your website with Content Protection. No right-click, text section, and shortcut are permitted .
  • Display announcement bar on many easy-to-see positions.
  • Design and show the free shipping bar that automatically reminds buyers of the amount left for free shipping.
  • Hide dynamic checkout button.
  • Allow to create a range of Facebook Pixel.

In summary

Reaching the revenue goal can be easier than you think with AVADA Boosts Sales. Since owning the most outstanding tips to win the customers’ hearts, this app helps you drive sales effortlessly. Let’s install the Trust Badges app and explore the art of successful business now.