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How to configure Countdown Timer in Boost Sales ver2?

How to use: Display countdown timer in your storefront

From the Dashboard > Enable Countdown Timer feature and click on Settings to configure the countdown timer

Or you can activate the Countdown Timer from the Left menu > toogle the button on

How to configure Countdown Timer

  • Enable the campaign you want to display in your storefront

  • Search campaigns by name: enter the campaign's name you're looking for

  • Sort: arrange campaign list in the oldest or newest order

  • Edit campaign: click on the Edit icon to move to the editing page

  • Delete campaign: tick the campaigns you want to delete > click on the Trash icon to remove them. You can delete more than 1 campaign at a time.

1. Create campaign

From Countdown Timer page > click on Create to make new a new camapaign

Step 1: Choose preset:

  • Select the suitable countdown style and theme and check the preview.

Step 2: Countdown Timer Settings:

  • Select timer type: Date sale to and Custom date.

    • Date sale to: enter the starting and finishing time responsively in From and Date sale to option.

    • Custom date: enter the display time for days, hours, minutes and seconds respectively at Custom sale days, Custom sale hours, Custom sale minutes, Custom sale seconds.

  • Use specific timezone: select the timezone for countdown timer.

  • When countdown timer reaches 00:00: after display timeout

    • Do thing: display countdown timer after the timeout.

    • Hide countdown block: hide the timer.

Step 3: Content:

  • Change the Header text for the countdown timer at Time labels and Header text and check the Preview.

Step 4: Design Settings:

  • Size: select the countdown timer's size

  • Color: select colors for countdown timer's Heading, Data text, Number and Background and preview it.

Step 5: Condition to show:

  • All products: countdown timer will be shown on all product pages.

  • Specific conditions:

    • Condition for product pages: select the product pages you want to display the timer on.

    • Condition for collection pages: select the collection pages you want to display the timer on.

Step 6: Advance Settings:

  • Enable this section to customize the countdown timer with CSS codes or you can click on Chat now for further assistance.

Once the setup is done, click Save and a Countdown Timer is ready pop-up will appear. On the pop-up, copy Widget ID > choose the page you want to be redirected to: Product Page, Home Page, Collection Page, Cart Page > click on Go to theme to get to the theme editor to position the countdown timer.

Note: The Countdown Timer is ready pop-up will only show up one time when you first set up the timer. If you want to change the location for it later, access the theme editor in Online store > Customize theme.