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How to configure Multiple Facebook Pixel ?

1. Step 1: Enable Multiple Facebook Pixel


2. Step 2: Enter Pixel ID

Please refer the following document if you are not really sure about how to create/find your Facebook Pixel.

=> How to create Facebook Pixel?


3. Step 3:

At Pixel Event, please select the event that you want to track and get data

  • Page view: When customer visits page
  • View Content: When customer view a page, such as a product page
  • Search: When customer make a search
  • Add to cart: When customer adds a product to the shopping cart
  • Initiate Checkout: When customer clicks the checkout button
  • Purchase: When customer completes a purchase and views the thank you page in the checkout


4. Step 4

Click Save

Click Add new pixel button to add more pixel for your website


We recommend you to use Facebook Pixel Helper for better pixel tracking