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How to configure Stock Countdown in Boost Sales ver2?

Firstly, access Boost sales app > Enable the Stock Countdown feature > click on Settings to configure the stock countdown.

Step 1: Select the preset

Select a suitable preset and check the preview:

Step 2: Set up appearance

  • Stock text: enter the content for the notification. You can use either the variable {{stock_qty}} to show the real-time inventory number or {{random:1-20}} to show the inventory number ramdomly from 1 to 20.

For example: with {{random:1-20}}, the inventory number will automatically decrease from 20 to 1 by 1 unit.

  • Choose Only show if stock qty is equal or less than to display the Stock countdown only when the inventory number is equal or less than the selected value.

  • Animation: Select display effect for stock countdown and preview display in Preview.

  • Alignment: you can right, left or center align the stock countdonw and check the preview at Preview

Step 3: Setup Position

Position setup in Theme OS 2.0:

  • Click on Add block or access Online store > Customize theme > Produc page

Add block at the desired position.

  • You can change the position by dragging and dropping the block to a new location and save the change.

Preview in the storefront:

Position setup in other themes:

  • Select the location at Step 2: Setup appearance

    • Above add to cart

  • Below add to cart:

Step 4: Setup stock countdown display

At the moment, the stock countdonw can only be supported on product pages.

Product pages:

  • Display on all products: show stokc countdown on all product pages.

  • Display on selected products: show stock countdown on selected product pages.

    Click on Display on selected prodcuts > Browse > choose the products > Add > Save.

  • Display on product groups by conditions: only disply the stock countdonw on these conditions:

    • All conditions: meet all selected conditions.

    • Any conditions: meet one of the selected conditions.

  • Exclude Product: stock countdown will not display on chosen products.

    Browse > choose the product(s) > Add > Save

  • Advanced Settings:

    • Custom CSS: customize the stock countdown with custom CSS. If you are not familiar with code, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 live chat support for further assistance.