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Boost Sales Ver2: How to enable and configure Trust badges for your store?

This article will show you how to configure and display trust badges in the front end.

Firstly, from the Dashboard, enable Trust Badges to use this function, then click on Go to Settings to create and customize the campaigns.

Or you can also activate it by clicking on Trust badges from the left menu > enable Trust Badges.

How to manage Trust badges' campaigns

  • Enable the campaign(s) you want to be shown in the front end.

  • Search field: enter the campaign's name.

  • Sort: arrange the campaign list in oldest or newest order.

  • Edit campaign: click on Edit icon to get to the editting page.

  • Delete campaign: click on Delete icon to delete the chosen campaign(s).

  • You can also select to delete more than 1 campaign at a time.

How to add and configure new Trust badges' campaigns

On the Trust badges page, select Add new to create more campaigns.

1. Choose preset:

  • Select the suitable preset and preview it at Preview.

  • You can either add more or remove badges by clicking on Choose badges > select badges > Load badges > Save.

2. Content: Customize badges' appearance:

  • Header Text: enter header's text.

  • Badge Style: colored or black & white.

  • Bagde Size: Large, Medium, Small.

  • Aligment: align the badges.

3. Advanced Settings:

Enable to use this feature.

  • Text Size: select badges' size.

  • Text Color: select text's color.

  • Font: select font family.

  • Badge Box Width: customize the badge box's width, you can either set it as Full Width or Custom Width to adjust the size at Custom Width Size.

  • Badge Animation Effect: Select None or Fly, Slide in, Pop, Groove, Swerve for the badges to be display with or without effects.

  • Custom CSS: enter CSS code to the box.

After clicking Save to apply all the settings, the pop-up Trust badges is ready will appear. You will need to copy Widget ID and select the page you want to show the badges including: Product page, Collection page, Home page, Cart page, Footer Page > Go to theme to get to the theme editor page to add badges.

!!!Note: Pop-up Trust badges is ready will only show 1 time after you setup the first badges campaign. Therefore, if you want to change badges' position, please go to theme setting in Shopify admin to implement it.

If you have any questions during the setup, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 live chat support!