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How to manage current Notifications and import Custom Notifications?

Sales Pop allows you to show a lot of campaigns, and a number of notifications in each campaign.

So how to know which notifications are available to show and how to add or remove specific notices, just keep reading this post.

I/ Manage available notifications

To view the Notifications of each campaign you can click the icon at each campaign.


In this section, the admin can preview the popups that will be displayed in frontend including 7 types of campaigns: Purchase, Add-to-cart, Sign up, Custom, Reviews

For example, notifications for "Purchase Notices" type:


II/ Import custom notifications

Beside creating popups by the apps, you can import any popups you want to show at the frontend such as "Michael has picked voucher 50%". This can be done by importing a CVS file. Proofo - Social Proof allows admins to import custom notification by campaign type.

1/ Step 1: Click "Import" button

For example if you want to import custom notice for Recent Purchase notice, please click to Notification icon at related campaign:


Click Import to upload new custom notification:


2/ Step 2: Choose the sample file and category

Sign up Sample File is available to download


3/ Step 3: Update sample file and upload

After downloading the CSV sample file, update it. The sample file supports you to show any image on the custom popup.


Then click Upload to upload the updated file

4/ Step 4: Import

Finally, click on Import button to import the data of the file.


5/ Step 5: Check imported popups and Edit content

If neccessary, you can go to Notification > Select popup type to edit the content of any popups as you want.

Congratulations! You have successfully imported Custom Popups