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How to set up content for Announcement Bar?

Activate the Announcement Bar

At Boost Sales app dashboard > Enable Announcement Bar at the block then click "Settings" to create the Announcement Bar and configure the details.

Or you can click Announcement Bar section from the left menu.


Step 1: Choose Preset

Here you can choose 1 of 4 available presets to display on the storefront


Note: To display the bar on the store, make sure you enabled Announcement Bar


Step 2: Settings



- Announcement Text: Enter the content displayed in the notification bar

- Enable Click on bar: Click enable status to allow the bar to be displayed as a clickable link.

- Clickable link: Enter the link you want to redirect when the customer clicks the bar.

For example: /cart link links to the shopping cart page

/checkout link to checkout page

Or you can leave the link as {{store_url}} to lead to the store's homepage.

- Clickable Type:


- Insert the bar clickable: Allows inserting the link button on the bar

- Make a clickable button in the bar: Allows displaying the notification bar as a clickable link

When selecting Make a clickable button in the bar will display:

+ Button Text: Enter the name of the button displayed on the bar

+ Button Text Color: Choose the text color of the button

+ Button Background Color: Choose the background color for the button

- Open link in new tab: Check the box, allow to switch to a new tab when the customer clicks on the link on the bar

- Show close button: Clicking on the status allows the close button to be displayed on the notification bar


- Close the bar for: Time to display the notification bar again after pressing close can be in minutes, hours and days