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How to set up countdown timer?

Countdown timer is an amazing feature included in AVADA Boost Sales app. It helps to display countdown on product pages of your store. More pages will be supported soon.

Activate countdown function

From app dashboard > Enable Countdown Timer block to activate the function. Click "Settings" to configure the countdown.


Set up the countdown timer

Enable Product Pages to show countdown on product pages. Click Edit icon to start setting up the countdown timer.


Step 1: Choose Preset

Select the countdown template available in step 1 and see how it looks in Preview.


Step 2: Countdown Timer Settings


2.1 Timer Settings

Select the display date type including 3 types: Date from to, Custom date, Date sale to.

- Date from to: Enter the start time to display and end the countdown at From, Date sale to, respectively.


- Custom date: Enter the display time for days, hours, minutes and seconds respectively at Custom sale days, Custom sale hours, Custom sale minutes, Custom sale seconds.


- Date sale to: Enter the countdown end time.


2.2 Timer labels

You can customize the display of time units by editing information in the Days text, Hours text, Minutes text, Seconds text fields.


2.3 Content

  • Edit the content displayed at countdown at Header Text, Bottom Text and Stock text.

  • Enable at Inventory Countdown to display the remaining product quantity of the product. When enabling Inventory Countdown, the content in Stock text will be displayed at countdown.

  • Use the variable {{stock_qty}} to display the number of products remaining


- Countdown-end action: Choose how countdown timer show when it reach 00:00

- Do nothing: Countdown is still displayed on the page after the end of the set time

- Hide countdown block: Countdown is hidden after the time ends

- Restart countdown: This option is displayed only when the Select sale date type selects the Custom date value. When the timer counts down to 00:00, it will be restarted from the previously set value.