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How to set up Custom hook in Sales Pop

Why do I need webhooks?

A webhook (also called a web callback or HTTP push API) is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information. A webhook delivers data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data immediately. Unlike typical APIs where you would need to poll for data very frequently in order to get it real-time. This makes webhooks much more efficient for both provider and consumer.

As a developer, you may be using a third-party service that provides a webhook to synchronize their data like Udemy, Zapier.

How to make request to Sales Pop Custom Webhook Listener?

Endpoint URL

Proofo Custom Webhook Endpoint URL is:

HTTP Headers:

X-Proofo-App-IdYour app id at 
X-Proofo-Hmac-Sha256You can generate the hash by hashing your request body with sha256 with the shared secret as a salt. Then you base64 the result

Example snippet
- PHP: base64_encode(hash_hmac('sha256', $body, $sharedSecret, true))

HTTP Request Body:


"billing_address": {

  "city": "Drayton Valley",

  "country": "Canada",

  "first_name": "Christopher",

  "last_name": "Gorski"


  • city: (string) the city of the billing address
  • country: (string) the country of the billing address
  • first_name: (string) the first name of the customer
  • last_name: (string) the last name of the customer
created_atThe timestamp of the order
line_itemsArray of item in the order


    "title": "Summer Tee"

    "price": 100,

    "product_link": ""

    "product_image": ""

    "product_id"    => 1


  • title: (string) the product title
  • price: (number) the price of the product
  • product_link: (string) the link to your product page
  • product_image: (string) the link to your product image
  • product_id: (number) product id of the product

Once you do that, you can to your campaign notification list can check the result of new notification generated.