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Boost Sales Ver2: How to manage recent sales pop-ups and import notifications?

This article will instruct you how to manage recent sales pop-ups and import more notifications.

Manage Recent sales notitication

  • From the left menu, select Sales pop > choose Notification to get to Notification page.

  • Select the campaign you want to check the notifications that will display in your store, for example you're on the Sales pop campaign.

  • Or you can click on the bell icon of the campaign you want to see on the Sales notification page.

  • Tick the notifications you want to delete > click *Delete8 to remove selected ones.

Import new notifications for imported campaigns

  • Access Notification page of imported campaign > click on Import button > Add file > select CSV file > hit Import button to complete the process.

You can download and refer to the sample CSV.


Select Settings from the Sales pop menu to access general setting page.

1. Diplay:

  • Show text right to left: pop-up's content will be left-aligened.

  • Truntcate content: show less contect if the message is too long.

  • Hide close button if:

    • Enabled: hide close button on the pop-up.
    • Disabled: show close button on the pop-up. When you click on the close button on the pop-up, it will appear again after the set amount of time in Close the popup for field.
  • Hide time ago if:

    • Enabled: hide time ago on the pop-up and Smart hide feature will display to adjust displaying time.
    • Smart hide: you can adjust it to show the time ago in the pop-up, once enabled, you will see the Hide time ago after.
      • Hide tieme ago after: time ago can be hidden if passed the set amount of time.
  • Font family: select the font for the pop-up, you can click on the Add more button to choose other Google-supported fonts.

2. Timing:

  • Display duration: enter the on-site displaying duration for a popup, once the tine is over, the pop-up will disappear.

  • Time before the first pop: set the wait time until the first pop-up is shown.

  • Gap time between two pops: set the wait time between pop-ups, the next notification will appear once the wait time is over.

  • Maximum of popups: enter the maximum number of pop-ups displayed in the store

3. Sales Pop Strategy:

  • Display randomly: pop-ups will appear ramdomly.

  • Display by orders: pop-ups will appear in newest orders.

  • Replay playlist: if enabled, the playlist will be replayed when all notifications have been shown.

  • Continue after page reload: if checked, the pop-ups will continue to display the rest of the notification list, if disabled, the list will replay from the start.

  • Based on product view: if selected, pop-ups relating to the products customer is viewing will be displayed.