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Getting Started

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is issued by the EU to ensure online privacy and prevent user data from being used for bad purposes. For e-businesses in this area, complying with this principle is not only a mandatory condition but also a chance to increase trust and credibility. This is why AVADA brings a Cookie Bar app that can support you in setting up cookie consent at a glance.

  • Show your strict compliance with the European privacy law about GDPR, CCPA, and VCDPA.
  • Configure the cookie bar simply in some minutes.
  • Display store profession and brand reputation by awarding customers’ privacy.
  • Build clients’ trust and loyalty with transparent information on the cookie banner.

What are the functionalities of AVADA GDPR?

  • Over 10 available theme templates for the cookie bar.
  • Able to edit the cookie bar’s consent message.
  • Link to the privacy policy page for more details.
  • Change the Agree and Deny buttons.
  • Limit the cookie bar’s display in the EU/UK or show it in all countries.
  • The cookie bar will disappear as soon as consent is given.
  • Support cookie bar preview on all devices.
  • Provide 2 types to show the cookie banner.
  • Numerous positions for the cookie banner on desktop and mobile.
  • Customizable design for banner colors.
  • Enable/Disable the cookie icon on the desktop.
  • Support CSS custom.

In short

There is no need to set up or worry about GDPR when you have AVADA Cookie Banner. With just one click, it’s ensured that your store has totally complied with the EU’s privacy law. If you respect customers, they are willing to give you their trust and money.