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How to configure Cookie Bar app?

This guide will explain all steps to configure your Cookie Bar.

To enable the app, you need to access Shopify admin > Theme > Customize. At the customize page > Theme settings > App embeds > Enable AVADA Cookie Bar

Step 1: Choose Theme

See how it look in Preview, with Desktop and Mobile.

Step 2: Settings

Message: Enter the content you want to display in the cookie bar.

Show icon in Desktop: you can either select to show the available icon or upload your own icons from your device. With available icon, you can customize its color in Icon color.

To upload icons from your device, click on the Upload button > add an image from your computer or insert an image URL to it > click Upload and Save the change.

You can also upload images with its URL: click on Add image URL > insert the link > Save

Show Privacy Policy: Check the box to show the store’s privacy policy. At the same time, Use specific Privacy policy and Auto generate Privay Policy are also displaying.

  • Use specific privacy policy: Choose the value for Privacy Link or enter another link via Custom URL. Click View Privacy Link to preview the URL.

  • Auto generat Privacy Policy: the Privacy Policy's links will be displayed in accordance with where the visitors access the store website.

    • UK & EU: GDPR Cookies Consent

    • Canada: PIPEDA Cookies Consent

    • California State: CCPA Cookies Consent

    • Brazil: LGPD Cookies Consent

    • Japan: APPI Cookies Consent

    • Other: Shopify Policy (/policies/privacy-policy)

  • Privacy Link Text: Enter the display text of the link in the cookie bar.

Agree Button Text: Enter the display content of the agree button.

Deny Button Text: Enter the display content of the disavow button.

Show on countries: Check All countries so that the cookie bar is displayed in all countries. Select Show on specific regions and the countries you want to show the cookie bar.

Step 3: Preview on storefront

Select Go to storefront to open your website and view the cookie bar.

If you change/update your theme, you need to press Publish button in the app so that the cookie bar can be displayed in the new theme.


Advanced Settings

Display Type: Support display on desktop and mobile.

There are 2 display types of cookie bar on desktop: Full Bar and Float Card.

  • Full Bar displayed with Top and Bottom positions.


  • Float Card with display positions at Top, Bottom, Top left, Top right, Bottom left, and Bottom right.


Cookie bar displayed on mobile with 2 positions Top and Bottom.


  • Message Color: Select the color for Message text in the cookie bar.

  • Background Color: Select the background color for the cookie bar.

  • Privacy Link Color: Select the color for Privacy Link Text.

  • Agree Button Text Color: Select the text color of the agree button.

  • Agree Button Background Color: Select the background color of the agree button.

  • Deny Text Color: Select the text color of the deny button.

  • Font family: Select the font of the cookie bar. You can select available fonts on your store at the Store theme’s font or font values on app Store theme’s font.

  • Display after your page loads: The cookies bar will show on your storefront according to the selected time.

  • Custom CSS: Enter the CSS content you want to modify.

Note: To make the cookie bar shown on your store, you also need to enable Customer Privacy from your Shopify admin. See quick guide cookie/how-to-activate-customer-privacy-to-show-cookie-bar.