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Getting Started

Shopify is considered a user-friendly platform for eCommerce businesses, especially small and medium ones. However, some undeniable shortcomings remain, and one of them is the code generation limit. Since Shopify allows creating one single discount code at once, it takes too long for online merchants to start promotion campaigns.

To prevent Shopify shops from getting stuck, AVADA offers the Discount Code Generator app. This tool supports you in producing bulk discounts at a glance, and time-consuming is no longer a challenging matter.

Pros of AVADA Discount Code System

  • Auto-generate limitless discounts with some clicks.
  • Cut down time and save effort in manual code generation.
  • Have a discount pool in some minutes.
  • Create unique codes for specific groups to enhance personalized experiences for loyal clients.
  • Drive website traffic and increase the sales volume quickly.
  • Make customers happy and motivate them to engage in your store.
  • Avoid coupon fraud and prevent any unwanted losses.

Highlighted functions of the Discount Code Generator app

  • Create multiple coupon codes with the same rules at once.
  • Use unique patterns to generate random codes. For instance, [4AN] means that the code will consist of 4 alphanumeric characters (AB23, A123, ABC4, etc.).
  • Custom code format and manually import discounts to personalize the customer shopping experience during special events.
  • Find out any codes’ information instantly with their format. Admins can manage and verify the coupon validity in some cases.
  • Display an overview of the code pool: code set’s title, pattern format explanation, some pattern instances, preview entered patterns.

In the end

For Shopify merchants, creating discounts will not be an obsession anymore if you have AVADA Code Generator. In addition to saving time and effort, this tool helps generate various coupon types for different business purposes. Install the app and give your customers a surprise gift now.