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How to set up translations for AVADA FAQs?

Translations is a flexible functionality to translate the labels into your language automatically. It saves your time and effort on manual translations for FAQ labels.

Currently, the AVADA FAQs app provides available translations for 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Vietnamese). Feel free to contact us for further assistance if you use other languages on your Shopify stores. To make any changes, please go to AVADA FAQs and access Translations on the left menu.

Please note that we do not support auto-translation for commonly asked questions and answers. If you want to show FAQs in a specific language, please edit the content through this guide.

Choose the primary language: Select a language out of 5 available ones that you would like to translate. This language will be decoded automatically according to the Shopify settings. If not, the language will be displayed based on the settings in the primary language field.

You can edit the labels by entering the information directly into the following fields:

  • Contact us title
  • WhatsApp label
  • Order tracking title
  • Articles title
  • Categories title
  • Placeholder text for Order tracking
  • Placeholder text for Articles search
  • View all
  • “Article” singular label
  • “Article” plural label
  • Placeholder text for FAQ Page search

After that, click on the Save button to apply the changes.

Don't worry if you cannot set up your desired language, our AVADA team is always here and willing to help you 24/7. Enjoy the FAQs Popups and Pages to enhance the support service and customer experience right away.