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Introduction to VIP Tier

A VIP program is an amazing way to encourage every member of your community to engage with your brand. Not only does it show your best customers some extra appreciation, but it can also motivate your regular customers to pursue that elevated status.

This new advanced feature "VIP Tier" is to encourage customers to spend more on your store so that they can get higher rewards when joining the VIP levels.

How to start with VIP Tier

  • From the app dashboard, select Reward Programs > choose VIP > enable VIP Tier to activate the program for your loyal customers.

  • To set up the function, you should disable VIP Tier in advance.

!Note: When VIP Tier is re-activated, the tiers will be reset over again and follow the new settings. Hence, you should consider carefully before changing the settings for the VIP tier because it will greatly affect the customers who are participating in the program in order to avoid unwanted regrets for your customers.

Tier Settings:

  • Start date: select date to show the program in the front end and tiers to be started.

  • Entry method: select methods to arrange customers' tiers.

    • Point earned: tiers will be based on number of points earned.

    • Money spent: tiers will be based on amount of money spent.

  • Milestone: select a reset date for tiers.

    • Life time: tiers will be valid forever.
    • Half calendar year: tiers will be reset once after every 6 months on the 1st of January and July.

Once you're done with the configuration, remember to Save the settings and enable VIP Tier program.

Let us know if you need any help or want more advice about membership levels!