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How customers can earn and spend point?

After you create the earning and spending rules with a completed reward box, it will be shown on your store front.

Let's see how it looks and how customers can take actions with your reward box

I/ How to earn points

At How to earn point tab, your customers can see the ways to get points from your store.

In the meantime, customers can earn points by sign up or purchase action.

II/ How to redeem points

How to redeem point tab will present several methods/programs available that customers can follow to spend their point on. Now, let us guide you on how to redeem points as a customer. That is really fun and exciting!

  • Step 1: Please make sure that you already joined the program by signing into your account

  • Step 2: Click Reward float button > How to redeem

  • Step 3: Select a reward program you want > click on Redeem button

  • Step 4: Righ after step #3, the coupon code will be shown. Please click on Apply coupon now to use that within the upcoming order. Coupon code will be saved at Reward list.

III/ Point history

Your customers can view their activities and changes in their points via Point history tab. They can see how many points have been earned, redeemed, and adjusted by the admin.

Please feel free to drop a message via if you have any questions or comments. Thank you so much for your time!