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How to approve and disapprove customers' reviews?

Review management is vital for stores as it directly relates to reward points being given to customers. In addition, admins can track how effective their reward programs are.

As for the AVADA Loyalty Program app, you can easily manage submitted reviews without worrying about untrue reviews or spam. If you are wondering how it works, let’s find more information below.

On the left menu, select Reward Programs > Reviews.

All reviews written by clients are on display here. Admins can read reviews and select the option approved or disapproved to decide if they are acceptable or not.

With the approval, buyers will receive reward points for those reviews. On the contrary, no points are added to consumers’ balances if the review status is disapproved.

How to configure automatic or manual approval for reviews

This setting will help stores approve reviews automatically or manually with Joy: Loyalty Program app.

Access the Joy app > Settings > General

  • Default status for reviews: select Pending or Approve > Save to configure automatic or manual review approval.

    • Pending: Once admins approve reviews manually, clients can get rewards points.

    • Approval: Customers will receive points after submitting reviews.

If you have any further concerns about our Joy: Loyalty Program, do not hesitate to submit a ticket or leave an email to us via We are always here and more than happy to support your business.