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How to connect with Yotpo?

Yotpo Product Reviews and Photos is a leading review tool for Shopify merchants to collect consumers’ thoughts (like ratings, photos, and videos). The helpful information helps convert leads into sales efficiently.

To better customer experience, Joy: Loyalty Program is already integrated with the Yotpo Review app. Before enjoying the benefits of these powerful apps, let’s see how to connect the Joy: Rewards, Loyalty Program with Yotpo.

Step 1

Firstly, access Integrations > Yotpo.

To get the App Key and Secret Key of the Yotpo app, please follow the guide below:

  • Go to Yotpo > Settings > General Settings on the left menu.

  • Copy and paste the code to App Key at Step 1.

    • Secret key: Click on the Get secret key button to receive the code from your email > copy that code and paste it to Enter the code.

    • After that, you will find the Secret key on the screen.

Step 2

Enter App Key and Secret Key of Yotpo (at step 1) > Connect > enable status.

After connecting successfully, you can select Disconnect to remove the connection with the Yotpo app.