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How to integrate with Klaviyo?

This article will help you to complete the integration of Joy loyalty app with Klaviyo.

I. How to connect with Klaviyo:

Step 1: Create a private API Key of Klaviyo app:

  • Access Klaviyo > select Account > head to Settings > click on API Keys > Create Private API Keys

  • Enter the Key's name > choose Access level > Create

  • Copy the Private key

Step 2: In Joy loyalty app, access Integrations section from the left menu > select Klaviyo

  • Enter Klaviyo's Private API Key > hit the Connect button > enable the status

II. How to sync customer's data from Joy to Klaviyo to segment customers:

Step 1:

  • Once Joy is successfully connected to Klaviyo, customers' data will be automatically synced to Klaviyo.

  • You can redo the Synchronization by clicking on Resync.

Step 2: Double-check the data synced to Klaviyo:

  • Access Klaviyo app > from the left menu, select Audience > Profiles > choose a random customer

  • You can check the information at Information section. All the synced data will include:

    • Birthday: customer's birthday
    • Joy loyalty points: customer's rewarded points
    • Joy Referral URL: customer's referral link

III. How to add reward information to an email:

  • To be able to add reward information to an email, make sure that the integration and synchronization between Joy and Klaviyo app have been completed successfully.

Step 1: Create an email campaign with Klaviyo app

Step 2: Add properties that have been synced from Joy app to the email

  • On the editting page, customize the email's look in Content section > select a rendom text to edit > Add personalization on toolbox > choose the synced property > Save and Exit.

  • In additions, you can monitor the way to create a segment with those synchronized properties:

    • Access Klaviyo app > from the left menu, select Audience > choose Lists & Segments > select Create list/ segment > select Segment.

  • Enter the segment's name > select Definition = Properties about someone > set up the condition: Dimension should be one of the three synced properties > Create segment.

If you have any difficulties in the integration process, don't hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 live chat support for further assistance!