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What can Joy Loyalty's Analytics tell you?

Analytics page displays information including Loyalty members, Order redeem, Point generated, Top Loyalty earning point campaign, Sales redeem generated, Referred orders, Referred revenue for any period of time, so you can easily track the store's progress with the app.

Access Joy Loyalty app, from the left menu select Analytics to access Analytics page.

  • Loyalty members: Number of customers who have created account in your store.

  • Revenue generated: Total revenue generated and orders with coupons from redeem program

  • Points generated: Number of points eanrned and redeemed.

  • Top loyalty earning campaigns: Top 3 most used earning points programs.

  • Order redeems: Total sales made by orders with redeemed discount codes.

  • Referred orders: Number of orders generated by referral programs.

  • Referred revenue: Total sales made by referrals programs.

You can change the date range to track the data in different period of time by click on Calendar button > choose the date range > Apply.

In case you find any data is not calculated correctly, do not hesitate to contact us via the 24/7 in-app live chat support!