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Getting Started

An invoice is known as the crucial and norm documentation in e-commerce by its function of saving all order information. Since the invoice benefits sellers and purchasers, many applications have been made to collect basic information and print it out. Unlike other providers, AVADA focused on stores’ necessary needs to release a PDF Invoice tool that fits all businesses.

If you are looking for an all-in-one app to have perfect PDF invoices, don’t miss our Order Printer.

What do you get from AVADA PDF Invoice?

  • Satisfy customers’ invoice requirements for work or other purposes.
  • Providing invoice payment is a great way to store proofs for legal reasons.
  • Issuing invoices shows the professional system and service of stores, especially small businesses.
  • Effectively build clients’ trust and loyalty to your store.
  • The ideal place to showcase your brand via the design.

What can the AVADA Order Printer do?

  • Allow admins to easily create numerous PDF invoices with 5 instant template types (order, draft order, invoice, shipping labels, and refund).
  • Free customization and design to make invoices match your business (showing order information, payment and shipping details, order note, logo and font size, etc.).
  • Create and save default company information in the invoice templates (such as name, address, VAT number, phone number and email address).
  • Tax complaint: record customers’ TAX, VAT, and GST numbers automatically.
  • Support various currencies.
  • Attach billing or store currency in PDF invoices.
  • Add policy and TOS to invoices.
  • Create custom templates with Liquid (advanced).
  • Support filter function to select certain order or draft order and sort option (order status, date, newest to oldest orders, low to high order values).
  • Print and export a lot of draft orders at once.
  • From customer dashboards, download the billing papers in PDF format.
  • Attach PDF invoice to email notifications.
  • Send billing documents to Google Drive, FTP, or SFTP.
  • Detect the language in the billing address to translate PDF invoices.
  • Detect and use the current language in emails.
  • Support about 70 available languages in PDF invoices.

In conclusion

Overall, any Shopify merchant needs an invoice app to operate their store better. With AVADA Order Printer, e-shops worldwide can set up and create unique PDF invoices in a blink of an eye. It is just a simple tool but absolutely brings high effectiveness for your business and makes your customers happier.