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How to configure Automation email?


  • Click Toggle button to enable/disable Automation email

  • Custom PDF File Name

  • This is a required field

  • Enter the name and correct the name for the PDF File you want to display in the email when sending to the customer

  • Note to avoid errors, please save and edit the information in advance and to the end of the file format is .pdf

  • Click on Variables to be able to view and insert the suggested values

  • PDF Attached Template: Choose template to send Automation emails

  • Send to only customer: Click Toggle button to enable / disable sending email automation for customers

  • Send Email When: Click to select when to send mail is Order created, Order fulfilled, Order paid or Order Refunded.


  • Send Customer Reply to:
  • This is a required field

  • Enter the email you want to receive customer feedback in this field

  • BCC Email to

    • Enter the email address where you want to send additional copies of the email to others

    • You can enter up to 5 email addresses and they are separated by ","

  • PDF Attached Template

    • Click and select the template you want to send in the email
  • Subject

    • Enter the text of the subject of the email

    • You can view and insert suggested values by clicking Variables

  • Email body: You can view and insert suggested values by clicking Variables

  • Send test email:

    • You can send test email after filling all required information in this section.


    • Click "Send test email" then enter the receiver address


      Click 'Send" and check the receiver email to preview the result.