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Insert PDF Invoice in email notification

In this document, AVADA is going to guide you to insert the PDF Invoice and other billing documents into the notification emails.


Step 2: Choose a template:

Select the template you want to display at the email notification sent to customers when customers have a new order.

Note: When changing a template, you need to Copy Text and paste it into the email template notification to update the email template.

Enter the label for the link to download PDF Invoice. For example: "Click here to download"


Step 4: Copy text

This field contains the text so you can copy it into the notification email template, you just need to click Copy it and paste it into the notification email template.

  • Step 1: Go to the Admin-> Settings

  • Step 2: Find 1 notification email

  • Step 3: Paste it to anywhere you want in your email settings


Besides, you can follow the instructions in this link to set up your email template.