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How do I test Google Structured Data?

After you enable Google Structured Data, you don't know how Google fetch your products and show to your audiences. In this guide, I will how you how to test Google Structured Data by using Rich Result Test tool from Google

Method #1: Structured Data Testing tool


  • Paste a product URL from your shop in the above input box and Run tes

  • After few minutes of analysis your product page, the result will be like this:


  • Preview results Ok, if you want to preview results on Google Search engine, this is what you are looking for.


Method 2: Using Rich Results Test tool


  • Enter a Product URL and choose Googlebot deskto

Then result likes this


  • Click Previews Results to Preview your product on Google image-6.png
  • Result



Q: We got a warning message of review and aggregateRating.

A: It's because you don't install any Product Review app. You can install Product reviews by Shopify or Photo Reviews by AVADA (rich features).