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How to configure Image/ALT Optimization?

SEO Suite by Avada is an ultimate solution for improve on-page SEO of Shopify stores. The app supports four main functions:

  • Image optimization

  • ALT tag optimization

  • Meta tags optimization

  • Google Structured Data optimization

In this article, you will be guided on how to configure images and alt tag optimization function.


Firstly, go to "Image Optimization" tab, click "Optmize now" to let the app auto-optimize your images follow your configurations below.

  1. Optimize Images
  • Click Toggle button to turn on the optimize image function

  • Select Optimize Image Automatically: the app automatically compresses the image size and keeps the image quality unchanged

Optimize Image Automatically


  • Select Custom Image Quality to customize the quality level of the image, the image size will also be reduced accordingly.


  • Optimize for:

    • Only published product images: the app will only optimize images of published products.
    • All product images: the app will optimize all images in the store.

  1. Image Alt Optimization


  • Product Image Alt: Enter the content for the image alt tag on the product page

  • Collection Image Atl: Enter the content for the image alt tag on the Collection page

  • Blog Post (Article) Image Atl: Enter the content for the image alt tag in the Blog Post (Article) page

How to check Alt in Store admin:

From Store admin > All products > Click on Product images

Image's alt will be displayed as in the image:

  1. History


  • Here shows the information of the optimized image/ alt.

  • Click Revert all if you want to revert all optimized images

  • Every optimized image has a button View and a corresponding revert