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How to set up and check Minification

Minification process helps increase the site speed and performance by removing unnecessary information from the source code such as white spaces, line breaks, comments, etc.

In this article, we will guide you on how to setup and check if your theme code has been minified when using our SEO Suite app.

Step 1: App > Minification

Please toggle the button to enable this function

Step 2: Check Minification performance

  • Check Minify JS and CSS file added to your theme code

Please go to Store admin > Theme> Actions > Edit code


Search for "avada" > Check minify at Assets file


Please notice that the number of JS and CSS files in different themes is not equal, so does AVADA's minify file


  • Check Minify JS and CSS at the storefront
  • Please open your storefront and right click on any position before clicking on *Inspect**


  • Navigate to Network tab > Click on JS or CSS


  • Select any page you want to check, for example Product page: