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How to set up HTML Sitemap for your website?

HTML Sitemap helps visitors to your store can navigate your site easily. This is a very needful function in SEO.


  • Click toggle button and Save button to turn on HTML sitemap
  • Click on the Sitemap URL link to see the sitemap


  • Select Products to build HTML Sitemap for products
  • Select Collections to build an HTML Sitemap for Collections
  • Select Blog Posts to build HTML Sitemap for Blog Post
  • Select Blogs to build HTML Sitemap for Blog
  • Select Pages to build HTML Sitemaps for pages
  • Limit items to be shown: Enter the number of items to display in the HTML Sitemap.
  • Additional links:
  • Click Add more to add options
  • URL: Enter the URL to access to the page you want from the HTML Sitemap
  • Title: Enter the title text to display in the HTML Sitemap
  • Click the delete icon to delete the options