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How to set up Local Business?

Knowledge Panel is a powerful function to transferring information to searchers. Don’t worry if you have no idea about Knowledge Graph. We will bring detailed documentation to help you make use of it.

What is Knowledge Graph?

Knowledge Graph operates and integrates the data to provide users with factual information via Knowledge Panel. If you are looking for a specific company, Knowledge Graph will show an almost complete profile, depending on how they do SEO work.

For example, if searching for Shopify on Google, you will see the Shopify information on Knowledge Panel as shown in the image below:

With AVADA SEO Suite, the corresponding information of your store will be pushed to Google Knowledge Graph Search API.

How to set up Knowledge Graph?

Access SEO Suite app > Select Search Appearance on the left menu > Local Business > Enable

1. General Info

  • Name: Enter your store name

  • Phone number: Fill in the phone number of your store

  • Shop URL: Enter the link to the store

  • Shop Logo: Enter the logo link

  • Business Type: Select the business type of your store

2. Other URLs

  • About Page URL: Enter the link to the About Page

  • Contact Page URL: Fill in the link to the Contact Page

3. Opening Hours

  • Open 24/7: Opening hours are all-day

  • Schedule Time: Select the date and time for opening and closing hours

4. Location & Map

  • Google Map API Key: Enter Google Map API Key > Connection. If having no Map API Key, you can refer to the guide here

  • Store Address: Fill in the store address

  • Google Map Style: Select the style for Google Map

  • Display Map: Use the snippet code to show the map on the homepage

    • Copy snippet code

    • At Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code

    • Select a file and paste the code to the position you want to display the map > Save