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How to setup and check Lazy Loading performance

Lazy Loading is a great technology that helps you improve the loading speed of your website as welll as user experience when shopping at your store. Instead of loading the entire web page and rendering it to the user in one go as in bulk loading, the concept of lazy loading assists in loading only the required section and delays the remaining, until it is needed by the user.

In this article, we will guide you on how to setup and check if Lazy Loading is working well on your store

Step 1: App > Lazy Loading

You just need to toggle the button to enable the function

Step 2: Check Loading performance

  • Access Home page, Product page and Collection page

  • Right click on each page and then click on Inspect. If you see the the code line including img_loading="lazy" as the image below, congratulations, the tool is working smoothly on your site. image-15.png

  • Please note that the code line is placed differently in different themes. For example:


  • In case, you can not find the code line, please press Ctrl F and enter the keyword stated in the following image