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How to set up Instant Indexing by SEO Suite

E-commerce SEO is a key part of building online stores successfully as it can bring organic traffic, drive leads, and boost sales. However, getting started on obtaining your site at high rankings on SERPs is not easy. If you are still stuck on search engine basics, this article is for you.

We’d like to guide you on a simple way to configure Instant Indexing via AVADA SEO Suite. With this helpful tool, indexing will be no longer an obstacle to your ranking race.

What is indexing?

There are 3 main phases to displaying your store’s information on the search engines such as Google:

  • Crawling: Find information on the Internet and review all contents/codes on each URL found.

  • Indexing: Classify, store, and arrange the content found in the information crawling process.

  • Ranking: Based on the classification, responses are ranked in the most appropriate order to the least relevant. The aim is to provide the best answers to searchers’ queries.

Simply, Indexing is the process search engines classify and arrange the collected website data (Crawl). Thereby, it evaluates the website rankings and returns search results to users.

What are the advantages of Indexing?

Search engines will crawl pages on your store via the sitemap. However, whenever the information update process on your pages occurs, updating the sitemap and pinging search engines will not be used. Instead, Indexing API will let store owners directly notify search engines to crawl pages earlier.

Therefore, Indexing API shows the following pros:

  • The content on your page will be ranked quicker.

  • The opportunity to get high ranks faster than the opponents.

  • The updated pages will be crawled quickly.

The Instant Indexing functionality in AVADA SEO Suite supports admins to use the Indexing API of Google and Bing to index URLs on stores.

How to set up the Instant Indexing?

Step 1: Enable the Instant Indexing function

Go to SEO Suite app > On the left menu, select Search Appearance > Instant Indexing > Enable

Step 2: Settings

  • Google:

    • At Google, choose Enable.

    • Copy & page your Google JSON key file or upload a JSON file.

    If having no Google Indexing API Key, you can view the guide to create a key here.

    • Google Action:

      • Update URLs: URLs submitted will be updated on Google Search Console.

      • Remove URLs: URLs submitted will be deleted on Google Search Console.

  • Bing:

    • At Bing, choose Enable

    • Click on Generate to take the Indexing API key.

Select Save Settings to save all changes.

Step 3: Submit URLs

  • Submit from Shopify: You can submit each URL or many URLs of product and collection pages or Shopify pages and blogs.

    • Product:

      • Click on the product link at the app or access Shopify admin > Product.

      • Select product pages to submit > More actions > Instant Indexing.

      • You can submit each product page by accessing a page > More actions > Instant Indexing.

    • With the pages at Collection, Pages, and Blogs, follow the Product steps to submit them.

  • Mass Submission by SEO Suite:

    • Fill in the URLs list (max 100 URLs for each submission)

    • Enter Submit URLs to Google & Bing