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How to use SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist is used to evaluate the SEO score of specific pages based on content, code and their performance, as well as give detailed feedback for improvement.

This article will guide you through how to use SEO Checklist.

Access SEO Checklist

There are two ways to access SEO Checklist.

  • From Dashboard: Dashboard > SEO Score Card > Click on View detailed Checklist

  • From Main menu: SEO Analysis > Select the sub menu Shop SEO Checklist

Note: It will take a while for the first time to scan SEO Checklist. The process will run in the background, so you do not have to stay on the page until it finishes. There will have on-page notifications to update you along the way

How to evaluate SEO Score

SEO Score will be counted according to the performance, content and code of specific pages, including Homepage, 1 Collection page and 1 Product page

Here is the score range:

  • Bad: 0-49

  • Medium: 50-79

  • Good: above 80

In each Checklist, you will find detailed reports on Issues, Improvements and Good results.

  • Issue: These are factors with bad results that directly affect your store's SEO results and need to be fixed as soon as possible. With these issues, you can click to see the details of each error and how to fix them

  • Improvement: These factors do not directly affect SEO results but still need improving

  • Good results: These factors are working well in your store

Note: It is impossible to scan SEO checklists on the store with password enabled, and we group them to Can’t detect tab. These checklists will not count towards SEO Score. Please disable the password on your store to be able to detect the entire Checklist.

How to fix Issue and Improvement checklist

In this section, we will give you some typical examples of

Case 1: Missing meta description on Homepage

To view more details, please click on the error right above Click here In this case, the meta description is missing on Home page. You can fix it by clicking on the action link to update the meta description or going to Shopify admin to edit the meta description for each page.

Case 2: Page is hiding from search engine

The issue is caused by the “no-index” tag added to the header or meta tag of the page. Please click on the link and follow the guide by Shopify to fix this issue.