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Getting Started

Nowadays, shopping habits have changed thanks to digital technology. Without going outside, consumers can purchase anything online at a glance. Despite its conveniences, there remains a big issue with e-businesses, especially shoe and clothing stores. That is how to help online buyers choose products fitting their sizes. To prevent unwanted problems due to wrong sizes, AVADA offers the Size Chart app for Shopify merchants.

With this simple but essential tool, stores can significantly reduce cart abandonment or return rate when customers choose sizes themselves. Are you ready to enjoy the AVADA Size Guide?

Advantages of Size Chart

  • Support clients immediately in choosing the product size that fits them most. There is no need to wait for an answer from the store’s staff.
  • Decrease the return and cart abandonment rates due to the lack of size information.
  • Prevent the cases in which customers return orders or leave the carts due to vague information.
  • Improve customer service and display a professional image of an e-business.
  • Enhance the conversion rate for products having sizes.

Outstanding functionalities of Size Guide

  • Choose 11 available presets for the size chart.
  • Freely customizable design for the size guide.
  • Add additional images and videos to the size chart for more illustration and better understanding.
  • Set up conditions to apply the size charts for specific or all products.
  • Show a button for the size guide anywhere (collection, product page, and homepage).
  • Admin can display the size chart in 2 styles (Inline Link and Float Button).
  • Allow admins to preview all backend settings before applying changes.
  • Support Custom CSS.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • Upcoming features:
    • Work with Facebook, Google, Youtube, Linkedin, Alibaba, and Amazon.
    • Sync data with Kiwi size chart, BF size chart, ESC size chart, Avada apps, etc. (coming soon).

In conclusion

If you own a clothing shop or sell size-required products, AVADA Size Guide is surely a powerful assistant to take care of your customers. The sizing issues will no longer be a challenging obstacle to your store on the path to reaching sales booms. Let's improve your customer shopping experience and uplift your sales with the Size Chart app today.