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How to create/edit a new size chart campaign?

Store admins can create a new campaign for the size chart easily at the Campaign Section.


  • Create a new campaign
  • View a created campaign
  • Duplicate a campaign
  • Enable/ Disable a campaign
  • Edit a campaign

Create a new campaign

To create a new campaign, the admin needs to select New campaign at Campaigns. The screen will display Create Campaign page.


Here you can set the name for the campaign and the priority of the campaign.

Edit a campaign

When you want to edit a campaign which was created, click on that campaign and the screen will display the Edit campaign page.

  • Duplicate: clicking on the copy will copy another copy of the campaign just like the one in the campaign

  • View on your store: Click to display a preview of the campaign outside the product page


Besides, you also can duplicate an available campaign to make a new one, enable or disable any campaign you want with ease.