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How to select size chart position using Smart Selector?

In this article, you will be guided to select size chart position on your product page using Smart Selector function. By this, you can choose any size chart position directly and visually on your live site. Let's get started!

Step 1: Go to Settings > Step 2: Set up Size Chart Button > Position

To use Smart Selector, first you need to click on the mouse icon at Position:


Step 2: Choosing the position of size chart

  • After clicking to the mouse icon, the page will then display the Smart Selector popup. Here you can use the default URL or enter the page URL you want to select size chart position as example. The position you choose on this page will apply to all other product pages.

  • Click Start Choosing to open this page and choose a location to show size chart button.


  • Hover over any position you want to display the Size chart button. There will show Insert here text, you just click on it will appear confirmation popup, click Ok and you have finished choosing the size chart display position on your product page.



Step 3: Get your result

After completing your settings, remember to "Save" them and check your store front. You have successfully configure size chart position.