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What are Size Chart display types?

There are three display options of Size Chart for you to select:



Select the display type as Inline Link, show more Smart Selector field that allows you to choose size chart postion on page.


To select the display position for size chart on Product pages, Home pages, Collection & Search pages, you need to click on the mouse icon corresponding to the pages in the Action column and select the location.

Size Chart Float Button


Position: Select the position you want to display the Float button, there are 6 positions: Bottom Right, Bottom Left, Top Right, Top Left, Middle Right, Middle Left.


Show on mobile: check box to let Float button show on mobile

  • Top: float button displayed above mobile page

  • Bottom: float button is displayed at the bottom of the mobile page

Size chart Button

Text: Enter a title for the Float button / Inline Link

Icon: Choose an existing icon or add it

Text color: Choose the color for the title of the Float button / Inline Link