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Getting Started

Good financial health is always a major concern of e-merchants. To do that, you need to enhance the revenue of your store by marketing schedules. However, huge costs for operation and marketing may put a pressure on small and medium businesses. Understanding this matter, Avada researched and developed an upsell tool to support e-commercial stores raising average order values (AOV).

Let's take a moment to see how the Avada Upsell app can meet your revenue goal.

What are the advantages of the Avada Upsell app?

  • Grab customers’ attention by suggesting appealing upselling and cross-selling products.

  • Offer add-on products with special prices to motivate consumers to make more purchases without hesitation.

  • Encourage buyers to make quick decisions and improve conversation rate with discounts in a short period of time.

  • Cut down marketing costs thanks to launching various upsell and cross-sell campaigns.

  • Easily track the performance of each campaign and adjust marketing schedules to offer suitable and better sales plans to customers.

Outstanding functionalities of the Upsell and Cross-sell tool

  • Show continual upselling and cross-selling popups to make customer awareness of other potential products.

  • Allow admins to display numerous upsell and cross-sell campaigns on product and cart pages to access different customer segments.

  • Store owners can create various hot deals with different discounts.

  • Support the countdown timer to create a sense of urgency.

  • Design customization (theme, text, color, and time).

  • Support 7 translated languages.

  • Display detailed reports for the result of upsell and cross-sell campaigns (revenue and impressions).

  • Highly responsive on any device.

In conclusion

Although upsell is not a new method, we cannot deny its effectiveness in revenue enhancement. Taking advantage of this powerful marketing solution, Avada provides the Upsell and Cross-sell app to help stores boost their sales, increase conversion rate, and make customers happier with appealing deals. Even if you are a small business, this app still supports you all the way to reach your goals in the shortest time.