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How to configure Design?

At the Upsell app, select Design to customize the presentation of the offer popup.

Step 1: Choose Theme

Select a theme to show the popup and view the result at Preview.

Step 2: Display

  • Show Countdown Timer: Tick the checkbox to enable the Countdown Timer on the popup. When the time is counted back to 00:00, the popup will be hidden automatically.

  • Custom sale minutes: Enter the minutes to show the popup.

  • Custom sale seconds: Enter the seconds to show the popup.

  • Countdown text: Fill in the content on the Countdown.

  • Background color: Select the background color of the popup.

  • Text color: Select the text color on the popup.

  • Action color: Choose the color for the action button on the popup.

  • Action text color: Choose the text color on the action button.

  • Original price color: Select the color of original prices.

  • Discount price color: Select the color of discount prices.

  • Custom CSS: You can customize the popup display by CSS codes. If you have difficulties processing the customization, please contact us for further assistance.

Click on the Save button to save the changes.