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How to create an Upsell Funnel flow?

Upselling is a little bit different from Cross-selling, though it’s another great strategy to get customers to buy additional products or services.

When you’re upselling, you’re asking your customers to buy a more advanced – and more expensive – version of the product they’ve got.

To create an Upsell Funnel, please follow below steps:

  • Select Upsell Funnels > click on New funnel > select Blank

  • Click Save in the Preview, in addition, you can set up:
    • Funnel name
    • Average discount

Now, let's get started!

Step 1: Select pages to display the pop-up

Note: Upselling can only be applied on product page.

  • Product page: pop-up displayed when you view a page, click on Add to cart or Buy it Now button (setup in Step 2) on the Cross-sell product page.

Step 2: Set up Start condition

Upsell offer can be triggered when:

  • View page
  • Add to cart
  • Click checkout

Upsell offer can be triggered on:

  • All products
  • Specific products
  • Specific collections

  • In specific product price range: applied on product page.

  • In specific cart value range: Applied on cart page

  • In specific order value range: applied on post-purchase page.

Hit Save to apply the changes.

Step 3: Setup Offer

3.1. Adding offer:

  • Click Add offer > select Popup:

3.2. General settings:

  • Offer: enter the offer's information
  • Offer type: select Cross-sell type
  • Offer title: enter offer's title
  • Offer description: enter offer's description

3.3. Setting offer products

  • Select Browse products > choose products on the left menu, selected products will show on the right menu.

  • Discount order: you can setup a discount for all product or different discounts for specific products.

There're 3 types of disounts:

  • Percentage
  • Fixed amount
  • None

Click Save to apply the changes.

Step 4: More offers can be created in addition to the main offer

  • Accept offer: the next offer will show when you click Add to cart on the pop-up.
  • Decline offer: next offer will show when you select Skip offer on the pop-up.

Accept and Decline offer's conditions can be established similarly to Start condition's settings in Step 2.

To create more offers,

  • Click on Accept/ Decline > select Conditions

  • After choosing the condition > Add offer according to each condition > select Popup

Settings for level-2 offers should be the same as the main offer's. Display of level-2 offers depends on setting's conditions for Accept and Decline offer.

  • Preview: to preview the pop-up, click on View button on Pop-up offer:

How to setup Post-purchase page

To display the funnel on Post-purchase page, you need to create a post-purchase page in advance by accessing Shopify Settings > Checkout > Enable Post-purchase

Logic of funnels' order

YOu can drag and drop to change the funnel's priority on the Upsell Funnels manage page.

If you have any questions during the setup, feel free to contact us via the 24/7 live chat support!