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What does the Upsell dashboard have?

High AOV is always the desire of e-stores in the revenue growth race. Actually, many people are willing to spend a lot of money to research and build business and marketing strategies to meet their goals. Among them, cross-selling and upselling are familiar and effective methods but attract less attention than traffic increase or other solutions.

Given the current situation, AVADA introduces an upsell application that aims to help Shopify merchants motivate customers to spend more money than their initial intentions. Make use of upsell and cross-sell offers, our AOV optimization machine can increase profits and drive sales directly with no extra costs.

Enjoy the AVADA Upsell app to save your time and effort right away.

1. Upsells Report

Upsells Report shows total revenue gained from offers and views on upsell popups.

2. Re-publish

If you change the theme, press Re-publish to display the popup on the new theme.